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Welcome to Paddington Vet, where we provide gastropexy procedures to prevent and treat gastric torsion in pets. Gastropexy is a critical surgical intervention that secures the stomach to the abdominal wall, helping to prevent the life-threatening condition known as stomach torsion or bloat. This condition can occur in any pet but is most common in large breed dogs. Our experienced veterinary team is equipped to perform this preventative surgery, ensuring your pet remains healthy and free from this severe ailment. Discover more about how gastropexy can safeguard your pet’s health and give you peace of mind.

Gastropexy Surgery for Dogs: Preventing Gastric Torsion at Paddington Vet

Understanding Gastropexy

Gastropexy is a surgical procedure performed to prevent gastric torsion, also known as bloat or Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), in dogs. This condition is particularly life-threatening and can occur rapidly in large breed dogs but is not exclusive to them. The procedure involves surgically attaching the stomach to the abdominal wall, which prevents the stomach from twisting—a common cause of bloat (GDV).

Options for Treatment

At Paddington Vet, gastropexy is executed with meticulous care and precision. The procedure involves creating a permanent adhesion between the stomach and the dog's abdominal wall. This effectively prevents the rotation of the stomach, which can cut off blood supply and block gastric passage, potentially saving the dog's life.

Cost of Treatment

While specialist centres may charge upwards of $2,800 for gastropexy, Paddington Vet offers this life-saving surgery starting from $1,500. Our pricing reflects our commitment to making critical treatments accessible and affordable for pet owners, without compromising on the quality of care.

We do offer payment plans through credit providers. Please see our payment plans section for more information.

Post-Operative Care

Dogs typically recover quickly after surgery. We provide detailed care instructions to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery at home. To ensure the best healing outcomes, it’s essential to monitor the surgery site for signs of infection or discomfort and limit vigorous activity during the initial recovery period.

At Paddington Vet, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for dogs at risk of gastric torsion. Our experienced veterinary team is equipped to perform gastropexy efficiently, ensuring your pet remains healthy and free from the risk of bloat. Trust our expertise to deliver not just treatment but also peace of mind through our proactive surgical approach.

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