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Cat Feeding 101 – How Often Should You Feed Your Cat?

Updated: Feb 13

As cats are prone to obesity and might become crazy if you skip even one of their meals, keeping a check on their feeding habits is necessary for owners. Not giving it the right amount of food at the right time may put your cat in danger by giving rise to obesity, which is further linked with many other diseases.

How often you should feed your cat will depend on several factors like its age, health, weight, etc.

The best idea is to break down the required food in several portions and give it to your cat at fixed times during the day. Overfeeding it at a time is the worst thing you can do as it puts the risk of diseases.

So, here’s a breakdown of how often you should feed your cat.

Feeding A Kitten

In general, experts recommend feeding kittens three times a day.

Kittens are in the growing stage and that’s why they need more food compared to adult cats. If you don’t provide a complete and balanced diet at the right time, you’re becoming a barrier between its growth, and your kitten might be weak and inactive as it grows.

To give the most benefits of the food you offer, the best idea is to divide the total food into three parts and give it to the kitten at fixed hours of the day.

Feeding An Adult Cat

When the kitten has grown to one year, it is now an adult cat, and its food requirements have changed.

Your adult cat will only require food two times a day, depending on its health status and weight.

Feeding all the food in the morning isn’t right because a cat’s stomach works similar to that of humans, and as soon as it finishes eating, the food starts to digest. Your cat will get hungry again by evening, and you’ll have to feed it again.

Cutting down the food to make your cat less prone to obesity isn’t the best idea. In fact, it is best to determine the exact amount of food the cat needs in a day and divide it into two portions.

In general, adult cats need 10-12 hours of break between each meal, so giving it food in the morning and evening is perfect. But make sure you don’t overfeed your cat and leave it hungry later as it can cause several diseases and enable acid production in its stomach.

Feeding A Sick Cat

Feeding a sick cat comes with several considerations, and you might also have to change its food for some time.

Depending on the illness, your vet will be able to help you better regarding how much and how often you should feed your sick cat.

Feeding A Senior Cat

Cats are usually considered senior once they are at least 7 years old.

You can feed your senior cat two to three times a day after consulting a vet and keeping in mind its health status.

Free feeding is definitely not recommended because some cats would keep eating just because they like the food. Such a method will make your cat fat and give rise to certain diseases.

Instead, the best way is to fix a schedule and feed your cat according to it. It will also alter the cat’s routine, and your feline will only feel hungry when it’s time for a meal. Adding more to the benefits, you’ll be able to track your cat’s health and instantly notice any changes in behaviour that might lead to knowing if it is suffering from an illness or disease.

Final Words

Following a fixed feeding schedule is necessary for cats to keep their health in optimum condition.

While adult cats need food two times a day, kittens should be fed at least three times to help with their growth and nutrition.

Depending on your cat’s weight and health, your vet may recommend changing the feeding schedule for some time.

So, it’s essential for cat owners to provide food to their cats in portions instead of feeding all of it at once and it is also important to feed a premium complete and balanced diet.


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