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Cat Training Part 1 – Litter Box Training

Updated: Feb 13

The joy of bringing a new cat home is all fun and exciting until it is time to start litter box training. Although new owners feel hesitant to train their cats to use a litter box, it’s easy if you follow a few steps and take things the right way.

Whether you have a rescue cat or just bought a new kitten home, litter training is no hassle. However, the earlier you start training, the better it is.

Our article contains an in-depth guide to litter box training, which will make things easier for you.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Training The Cat To Use A Litter Box

Choose The Right Tray And Litter

Choosing the right tray and type of litter is the first and most important step in litter training. You might have a picky cat with its own preferences that won’t like a certain type of box.

Ideally, the best idea is to get more than one box for your cat. Your feline may like a covered box because it prefers privacy. But, covered boxes can also trap bad odours. On the other hand, some cats are comfortable in uncovered litter boxes.

Secondly, it’s better to choose a litter box larger than your cat’s size, especially if you’re litter training a kitten. It will grow larger in a few months, and the cat will feel constrained in the box, making it uncomfortable.

When it comes to the type of litter, we see two types:

· Clumping litters

· Non-clumping litters

In general, clumping or fine-grained litter is convenient as most cats feel it’s comfortable, and it’s easy to clean for you as well. However, it all depends on your cat’s preference.

Location Matters

Cats like to relieve themselves at hidden places, but that doesn’t mean you should hide the litter box. Ensure the litter box is at an accessible location for the cat, and the area is quiet without any distractions.

Although cats urge to defecate after meals, you should never put the litter box near where it eats its food. It’s also essential not to move the litter box again and again.

Introduce Your Cat To The Litter Box

Once everything is ready, it’s time to introduce your cat to the litter box. But before that, you need to check your cat’s pooping schedule. Most commonly, cats defecate after exercise, meals, and naps.

Therefore, a better idea is to check the cat’s schedule beforehand and keep an eye on it.

Step 1: Play With It Near The Box

You can introduce the litter box by playing with the cat near it. Make sure you take things slowly, as the cat will see the litter box as a strange and unfamiliar object.

Step 2: Let It Check The Box

You’ll notice your cat checking the box and going near it. If so, let it do this.

The cat will try to sniff the box to get familiar with it.

Step 3: Put The Cat In The Box

Some cats will go into the litter box themselves. If your cat doesn’t, you can gently pick it up and put it inside the litter box.

The cat will take some time to get familiar with the box and may come in and go out of the box continuously.

Step 4: Teach It What To Do

Once the cat is inside the litter box, it’s time to teach it what to do. Some cats have already learned it from their mothers, and others, you’ll have to teach yourself.

For this, you can scrape your fingers in the litter box to teach the cat how to dig litter.

Grabbing your cat’s paw to teach it can be the worst thing because it might scare it. Instead, use your own fingers and teach them how to dig and bury.

Final Words

Litter box training is an easy process, but it will require patience from your side if your cat isn’t litter-trained by its mother.

The best idea is to choose the right litter box and keep it clean to urge your cat to use it.

Also, it’s essential to give your cat time to get familiar with the box and feel safe in it.

It will eventually learn, and treats from your side will encourage it even more!


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