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Detangling The Science of Dog Brushes

Updated: Feb 13

Grooming your dog is an excellent way to keep their skin and coat healthy and glowing whilst strengthening the human-animal bond. It is important to be well informed when deciding on a brush to allow the grooming experience to be effortless and enjoyable for both owner and dog. Different dogs have different coat types, as such one brush does not fit all. The variation in coat thickness, length, texture, types of shedding, and ability to mat all need to be considered to decide on the most appropriate brush for your dog. The right grooming brush creates enrichment, allowing the release of stress whilst avoiding inflicting pain and injury.


Start Young

Brushing your loved one can be a very pleasurable experience when started young, allowing it to be a great means of building a connection with your dog. By starting young they become desensitised to the experience, allowing brushing a very comfortable and easy activity lasting for life.

Avoid Human Brushes

Due to the difference in hair and skin type, human brushes have very firm tips that can injure your dog. Dog brushes are specifically designed to separate the fur and remove dead hair and skin rather than combing.


Active and long furred dogs and require more brushing than your lounge and short-coated dogs to better remove old fur and skin, dirt and redistribute the oils across the coat to provide a healthy sheen.


Slicker Brush

Built with varying bristle thicknesses that are shaped like the letter “U, ” they are excellent for removing mats in your dog’s fur. It is a fantastic option for dogs with medium to long hair that are prone to matting.

Bristle Brush

Designed for short-haired dogs, this brush has specialised bristles made of rubber, nylon, or natural boar's hair. When brushed again the grain, it allows a healthy sheen to the coat.

Bristle and Wire Pin Brush

A bristle brush with added metal pins. The pins allow the brush to be extremely beneficial for long and thick-coated dogs, making it an allowing it to be an excellent tool for them to acquire a healthy glow. Coarse-Hair Brush These brushes comprise of rubber, nylon or Taklon bristles that have plastic tips. Perfect for reducing matting and tangles in medium or long hair breeds, the plastic tips allow for penetrating through the coat's surface easier. Pin-Striped Brush Pin-striped brushes have two rows of wire pins of various lengths. It is specifically designed for grooming breeds that have thick coats, such as German shepherds and Pomeranians. Moulting Brush A round-headed type of brush that provides a gentle touch in removing hair that has been shed. It is suitable for all dogs, despite fur length. Curry Comb Using a combination of hard, medium, and soft bristles, this brush is great to reduce dirt build-up on the skin and coat whilst stimulating the skin. It makes an excellent tool for wanting to clean the coat without needing a bath, especially for short-haired dogs. Hound Glove A grooming glove with ridges and nubs of different sizes is designed to massage the skin and stimulate circulation in the skin. Whilst allowing fur to dry faster when wet, it allows even distribution of natural oils in your dog's coat when brushed against the grain. Suede Cloth Glove Available in multiple colours, this all-purpose grooming tool has a soft fabric on one side and a coarse texture on the other. The suede can be used for brushing, shaping, or stripping your dog's fur to remove excess hair. Shedding Blade A comb with built-in shedding blades is specifically designed for dogs with curly fur to remove all excess, regardless of length. The straight handle and pivot attached to the comb allow you to reach all your dog’s hard-to-reach areas. Shedding Blade with Rake This grooming tool has all the features of a shedding blade with the addition of a rake that has curved ends. It allows the mats in thick coats to be removed with ease in long furred breeds such as Golden retrievers, Siberian huskies, and German shepherds. Shedding Blade with Rake and Pin Brush A unique brush that gifts all the benefits of a shedding blade with rake fused with a bristle brush. A perfect brush for thick-coated dogs that allows you to detangle knots and while adding a soft glow look to your dog's coat. Rubber Curry Comb Acting as both a scrubber and cleaner, the ridges on this rubber comb allow for a gentle exfoliation to remove old skin whilst stimulating and redistributing the oils from sebaceous glands throughout the coat. Perfect for all dog’s, regardless of coat type and length, this brush allows the coat to appear and feel soft and healthy with a sheen. Undercoat Rake The ultimate brush to detangle the most extreme mats in your dog’s coat. It is built with a sturdy handle with long curved steel edges that are serrated to make grooming an easy and effortless process. OUR FINAL THOUGHTS Grooming is a fantastic activity to maintain the quality of skin and coat, whilst strengthening the bond when using the most appropriate grooming brush. Take time to groom your furry friend and witness their coat shine be tangle-free.


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