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How to Make your Pets Nails Fabulous! 💅

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Nail clipping can be a stressful 😣 time for pets and pet owners but keeping their nails neat is incredibly important for a number of reasons. 🙀 Frequent nail clipping can prevent tears, rips, breaks, splits, ingrown nails and general soreness of the feet. Longer nails can also cause problems with a pets posture and impose damage on their back if left for too long.🤕

So How do I Clip My Pets Nails? 🤔

The first step is to buy a good, sharp pair of nail clippers. For dogs; ideally avoiding the “guillotine” style and opting for the ✂️ scissors type style as these apply less pressure to the nail and cut them at a more desirable angle. For cats; a pair of cat claw scissors are ideal as they are small and sharp. 🐈

Hold your dogs 🐩 paw firmly but gently and clip a little of the nail at a time until you reach the quick. The quick is the blood 💉supply that runs through your pets nail to the nail bed. We want to avoid clipping this as it is painful and causes bleeding of the nail.😩 It can be hard to see the quick in dark nails so a good guideline is to cut dogs nails so they are just off the floor or in line with the toe pad.

For cats; hold the paw firmly but gently and press down slightly to extend the nails out, then cut the sharp tip off. It’s not always necessary to clip a cats claws and is dependent on lifestyle. They naturally wear down their nails via scratching posts etc but sometimes just need the end taken off. (Most cats nails are clear/white which makes this a lot easier!) 🐱🐱

What if I cut the quick?

Don’t panic ‼️ if you do hit the quick; it happens and can be easy to do with dark nails. Take a clean piece of gauze and place it on the end of the nail to stem the bleeding. You can also dip the nail in corn flour to clot the end of the nail. Eventually it will stop bleeding! ♥️

How Often Should I Clip Nails?

This is really individual to each pet! Some have nails that grow fast and others have nails that don’t grow much at all. Generally; if you can hear your dogs nails click on a surface it means they need to be trimmed.

If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself at home; don’t worry! Our nursing and veterinary staff can do them for you. Just give us a call on 07 3288 1822 📞 and we can organise a consultation time that suits.

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