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Skin Season

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

It’s that time of year where some pet owners start to hear👂🏼that persistent itching, ear scratch groaning or late night paw licking 👅. That’s right, it’s.....SKIN SEASON 😱😱

The reason the Spring & Summer ☀️ seasons tend to bring out the worst in our pets skin is due to new flowering plants 💐, pollens, animal dander in dryer weather and insects (like mosquitoes 🦟 and fleas!). You may notice signs of allergy in your pets if they have:

- Rashes or redness 🔴 - Hives 🙊 - Sneezing 👃🏼 - Watery Eyes 👀 - Chewing their paws 🐾 - Irritated ears 👂🏼 - Inflammation of the skin ✋

In addition to these external environmental factors, our pets can also have food 🍴allergies. The most common among pets is chicken 🍗 and beef 🥩; with up to 90% of all food related allergies being due to these!

So what can we do to stop our pets itching from getting under our skin? 🤔

1. Flea and Tick prevention - The warm weather 🔥 re-ignites the fleas & ticks; drawing them out of hibernation and then they begin to breed. Using treatment both on your pet and in their surrounding environment 🌿 will prevent your pet from having these nasties live on their skin and also help control flea allergy dermatitis.

2. Speciality Foods 🍴 - There are specially designed diets such as Royal Canin Hypoallergenic or Sensitivity Control that help cater for animals with food intolerances. Whether the allergy shows physically on the skin or internally through gastro intestinal upset 🙀.

3. Contact Allergies - This occurs due to direct contact with a surface, plant 🍃etc. Identifying and then removing the offending item will help reduce the occurrence of this.

4. Medications - If you feel your pet is having a reaction or developing a skin condition, the best thing to do is speak to a vet👨🏻‍⚕️. There are numerous medications 💊 available that can be trialled to help aid your pet with their troubled skin.

5. Shampoos 🛁 - Depending on the cause of your pets skin problems, there are medicated shampoos available to help. Malaseb or Pyohex can work really well in addition to other treatment. If a medicated shampoo isn’t needed, gentle shampoos like oatmeal based Aloveen are a good choice. 🧼

If in doubt, ask your vet to check your pets skin out! Give us a call 📞 anytime on 07 3288 1822 and chat to our staff about what we can do for your fur babies skin! 🐈🐩

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