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Your Pets at Home Dental Care – Where to Start? 🤔

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Oral hygiene 🦷 is an important factor in your pet’s overall health and is often forgotten about as part of their routine care. 💕 It is recommended your pet has a dental check at least once per year with your Veterinarian 👩🏼‍⚕️👨🏻‍⚕️ so they can assess the condition of your pet’s teeth but what can you do at home 🏠 in between these visits?

Today we will cover dental chews and treats.

The idea behind dental chews is to remove plaque and tartar build up naturally via an animals mechanical 😬 chewing action; some types of dental chews have been proven to reduce plaque build-up by up to 70%. 😮 Some added benefits that come alongside this mechanical chewing action is a reduction in bad breath 😷, improved gum health and the delay of tartar build up.

What Treats are the Best for my Pet?

It can be overwhelming trying to choose the correct product as there are so many available and some companies are very good at marketing, but their chews have little benefit to your pet’s dental health.🐶🐱

Oravet – These dental hygiene chews not only provide mechanical cleaning but also contain an ingredient called Delmopinol. Delmopinol forms a barrier around the teeth which helps to reduce tartar and plaque build-up. These chews are for dogs only and are a great option.

Greenies - Greenies dental chews are available to both dogs 🐕 and cats 🐈 and have been proven to reduce the amount of plaque and tartar 🦠 build up via the mechanical chewing action and specially shaped chews. These treats are low calorie and available in many different flavours 🍗🥓so you can find the one your pet loves best!

Pedigree Dentastix - These chews contain two active ingredients which bond to the calcium in saliva 💦 and slow down the build-up of tartar. They are a cheaper made dental chew with higher fat & cereal 🌽 content and may not be as good of a quality as other brands but still work to some extent.

Whimzees – Whimzees dental 🦷 chews have become increasingly popular as of late and work to clean your pet’s teeth via mechanical cleaning 🧼 . They are grain free, vegetable 🥦 based and claim to be 100% natural. These chews are a good option for dental cleaning and are a relatively low calorie treat for your pet.

Pigs Ears 🐷 – While these might be a favourite of your pooch, they have not been shown to provide any dental benefit despite popular belief. They have also been found to harbour bacteria 🦠 if not consumed straight away. So these are best given as an occasional treat and discarded 🗑 if your dog doesn’t finish them straight away.

Rawhide – Rawhide is not recommended 🚫 as a safe or adequate dental chew. Rawhides are made from the leftovers of the leather industry 🐄 and are bleached, treated with lime and brined to prevent the decay process. They can also pose a serious risk of intestinal blockage if not chewed properly by your pet.🤢

There are many other brands and types available for your pet additional to the ones listed above, if you are unsure it is always best to check with your Veterinarian 🏥 before feeding. Keep an eye on our social media 💻📱over the next month for further topics covering bones 🦴 , at home teeth brushing, specially formulated dental diets 🍽, water additives 💧 and much more!

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