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Skin Masses & Tumours

Discover expert care for skin masses and tumours in dogs at Paddington Vet Surgery. From diagnosis to treatment, our experienced veterinarians offer surgical removal and comprehensive post-surgical care. Learn about benign and malignant growths, the importance of early detection, and how we use the latest techniques to ensure your pet's health and well-being. Contact us for a consultation and give your furry friend the care they deserve.

Comprehensive Care for Skin Masses in Dogs - Protecting Your Pet's Health at Paddington Vet

What Are Skin Masses in Dogs?

Skin masses in dogs refer to any type of growth found under the skin. These masses vary greatly in size and nature, ranging from small, benign growths to larger, potentially harmful ones. Common benign masses include sebaceous gland adenomas—tumours in the hair follicle gland—and histiocytomas, which are often seen in younger dogs. On the more serious side, dogs may develop soft tissue sarcomas (STS) or mast cell tumours (MCT), which are more extensive and can be dangerous if not treated promptly.

How Are Skin Masses Treated?

The approach to treating skin masses in dogs depends largely on the type of mass and its characteristics. Benign masses like sebaceous gland adenomas may not require immediate treatment and can be monitored over time. However, malignant tumours, such as STS, necessitate removal to prevent growth and spread, thus ensuring your pet’s health and longevity isn't compromised. It's crucial to address these masses early, as delays can lead to more complex, expensive treatments and increase the risk of the cancer spreading.

Surgical removal is the preferred method for dealing with skin masses that pose a risk. Our goal during surgery is to excise not only the mass but also a margin of at least 1cm of healthy tissue around and beneath it to ensure complete removal. After surgery, the excised mass is sent for histopathological examination. This critical step allows us to verify that the mass has been fully removed and to identify the type of tumour, informing any necessary follow-up treatments, such as chemotherapy.

Procedure Cost at Paddington Vet

The cost for these types of surgical procedures at Paddington Vet starts at $1,300. This is significantly more affordable compared to specialist referral centres, which often charge in excess of $3,500.

We do offer payment plans through credit providers. Please see our payment plans section for more information.


Recovery and Aftercare

Most pets are able to return home on the same day of their surgery. Post-operative care primarily requires ensuring your pet remains calm and rested for a few days and preventing any interference with the surgical site, such as licking.

At Paddington Vet Surgery, we are committed to providing comprehensive care for your pet, from diagnosis through to treatment and beyond. Our team of experienced veterinarians uses the latest techniques and technology to ensure the best outcomes for your furry family member. If you suspect your dog has a skin mass, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation. Early detection and treatment are key to a positive outcome.

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