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Welcome to Paddington Vet, your trusted provider of limb amputation services for pets. Facing the need for an amputation, whether it be a toe, tail, or limb, can be challenging for any pet owner. Our dedicated team is here to ensure that your pet receives the best possible care, focusing on pain management and a swift recovery to help them return to a happy, active life. With state-of-the-art facilities and a compassionate approach, we offer affordable and comprehensive treatment plans tailored to meet the specific needs of your pet. Learn more about how we can help improve your pet's quality of life through our expert amputation services.

Limb Amputation Surgery for Cats and Dogs at Paddington Vet

Understanding Limb Amputations

Limb amputations in pets, including toes, tails, and limbs, may be necessary due to severe injuries, infections, or diseases such as cancer. These procedures are vital in alleviating pain, preventing disease spread, and improving the quality of life for affected pets. While the thought of amputation can be daunting, these surgeries often lead to a significant improvement in the pet's mobility and general well-being.


Options for Treatment

At Paddington Vet, limb amputations are performed with precision and care. The type of amputation—whether it’s a toe, tail, or limb—depends on the pet's specific needs and condition. Our veterinary surgeons use advanced techniques and equipment to ensure the procedure is as smooth and pain-free as possible, with a focus on rapid recovery and minimal discomfort.


Cost of Treatment

Paddington Vet offers these vital surgeries starting from $1,600, depending on the type of amputation. This is considerably more affordable compared to specialist centres, where the costs can soar to upwards of $6,000. Our aim is to make essential treatments accessible to more pet owners, ensuring that financial constraints do not compromise the care your pet receives.

We do offer payment plans through credit providers. Please see our payment plans section for more information.


Post-Operative Care

Post-surgery, pets are fitted with a protective cone to prevent them from interfering with the healing process. Pain management and antibiotics are part of the aftercare regimen to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery. We also schedule follow-up visits to monitor the healing process, with suture removal typically occurring two weeks post-surgery. Most pets adjust remarkably well after amputation and return to a happy, active lifestyle.

At Paddington Vet, we are committed to providing compassionate and competent care for pets requiring limb amputations. Trust our experienced team to support your pet through their surgery and recovery, helping them to lead a pain-free and active life post-amputation.

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