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Cancer Surgery

Receiving a cancer diagnosis for your pet can be deeply distressing. At Paddington Vet, we understand the emotional toll and aim to reduce the hassle of visiting multiple clinics. We offer comprehensive diagnostic services and pet cancer surgery options all in one place, providing seamless care for your cherished companion.

Skin masses, a prevalent form of cancer among our furry companions, fortunately often manifest as benign tumors. When detected early, these can be effectively treated, offering hope for a positive outcome.

Commonly found in senior dogs, splenic tumors initially appear as a significant mass in the spleen or liver and can quickly spread throughout the body.

Osteosarcomas, the most frequently occurring bone tumor in pets, are aggressive and spread quickly. We collaborate closely with you to identify the most effective treatment approach.

This cancer type, targeting your pet's anal glands, is relatively rare but tends to metastasise before detection. Immediate surgery is necessary upon discovery.

The term used for single or multiple masses found in the mammary glands of cats and dogs. These are most commonly seen in animals that haven't been spayed.

Presenting only on the non-pigmented areas of the ears and nose of white cats, this cancer type is highly invasive yet slow to spread."

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